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Why, Clear is Not for Me!

Clear service, is Not for Me!


Many Airports across the country offer the Clear service or Clear Me service.  The service is sold as an alternative to TSA Pre✓®. The service takes you through a “Clear” dedicated line and then enters you into the screening process.  Clear is currently in 30 airports and sports stadiums. The cost for Clear is $179 per year. After using the service, I can honestly say that Clear is not for me!

30-day Free Trial

Clear Machine

Clear Machine

I signed up for a 30-day trial. I got a chance to use it twice.  Once in Atlanta and a second time in Orlando. Neither time did it really help me.  I have done TSA Pre✓® a few times and not only do they take you through the pre-screen where they ask to see your boarding pass and ID, but they sent me through a dedicated screening line where I did not have to take off my shoes, take out my laptop or go through the Millimeter wave scanner machine.

Millimeter wave scanner machine


TSA Precheck

Benefits of TSA Precheck verses Clear

Benefits of TSA Precheck verses Clear

TSA Pre✓® is currently available at more than 200 airports with 53 participating airlines nationwide.  The cost for TSA Pre✓® is $85 for 5 years. Which is a considerable savings over the $895 for 5 years from Clear. TSA Pre✓® does require a background check and that each person is fingerprinted.  An in-person interview is also required. Clear does a retinal scan to use as positive identification.

TSA Precheck has shorter lines than Clear!

TSA Precheck has shorter lines than Clear!

Why Clear is Not for Me

Honestly, in neither instance did I really save any time.  I still had to take off my shoes and belt. I was in the same line as people who did not have Clear.  In fact, I was behind all the people from the other lines who were not Clear. In Orlando that was 12 regular lines.  I may have saved 1 to 3 minutes by not standing in the initial screening line. I don’t believe that is worth $15 per month or $179 a year!

Clear is not for me!

Clear is not for me!

Thirty Airports across the United States offer the Clear service.  It is offered as an alternative to TSA Pre✓®. I am planning on canceling Clear when my 30-day free trial ends.  My trip to Atlanta Memorial Day Weekend will be the last time I use Clear. I’m not thinking it will really make a difference, because Clear is just not for me!  After all, you know the saying: 3 strikes and you are out!

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