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Snowcat Ridge

Snow tubing in Florida?

If you are looking for a change of pace in Florida then Snowcat Ridge will give you a taste of Winter. The park offers snow tubing, shopping, food, and beverage as well as an inside snow retreat to play in the snow or to make a snowman. The park is perfect for all ages.

Traveling during COVID19

Traveling during COVID19

I am traveling during COVID19. I have 3 trips for the Summer. The first is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Second, is Acapulco, Mexico. Followed by Cancun, Mexico over the 4th of July. I personally am not worried.

Road Trip to Houston, TX

Road Trip to Houston, TX

We did a weekend trip to Houston, Texas.  Houston has a lot to offer. My friends and I like to eat, shop and see interesting things.  We like culture and we also like to Party! Although sometimes we just like to relax.  We did it all

Cozumel, Unlocked!

Cozumel is a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea.  The island is roughly 10 miles off the Eastern coast of the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula.  It is South of Cancun and near Playa del Carmen on the mainland. Cozumel is one of the best scuba-diving destinations

Road Trip…Whatever happened to it?

Whatever happened to the Old Fashioned Road Trip?  Today people act like they are not “traveling” unless they go to Dubai.  There is so much to see that you don’t have to leave the country. Hell, you don’t have to leave the state.  Road Trips

A guide for New or Beginning Cruisers!

New or Beginning Cruisers

5 things a New or Beginning Cruiser need to know! Do you want to go on a Cruise?  Maybe you want to go on your second or third Cruise.  Well, welcome to the time of your life. Here are things you need to know if

Travel Calendar Cover

How to Put Together a Travel Calendar

The Travelers Guild to Planning! Christmas and New Years have come and gone and now the year has begun.  If you are like most people. Last year you said you would travel this year.  So where are you planning to go? When are you planning

Blacks Who Travel

Travel Review 2018, The top places to go!

As I sit at Christmas time reflecting on 2018 a smile comes to my face.  THis is our Blacks Who Travel, Travel Review. We had a great year of travel. Nikki and I traveled internationally 7 times this year.  We went to 1 new place,

Panama, What you need to know!

Panama…What you need to know!

Panama…What you need to know! Panama is the most southern country in Central America, bordering Costa Rica on its North and Colombia on its South.  Panama is most known in the US for the Panama Canal and Panama Jack Hat which by the way was