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Travel Review 2018, The top places to go!

Blacks Who Travel 2018 Travel Review
Blacks Who Travel 2018 Travel Review

As I sit at Christmas time reflecting on 2018 a smile comes to my face.  THis is our Blacks Who Travel, Travel Review. We had a great year of travel. Nikki and I traveled internationally 7 times this year.  We went to 1 new place, Los Cabos, Mexico. Nikki finally made it to Washington DC and we got to Swim with the Pigs in the Bahamas.  2018 was quite a year.

2018 Monthly Highlights

(Travel Review)

  • January: New Years in the Bahamas (Freeport) and MLK Weekend an All Inclusive in Cancun, Mexico
  • February: St. Louis and Birthday Trip in New Orleans
  • March: Jazz in the Gardens in Miami, FL and Spring Break an All Inclusive in Negril, Jamaica
  • April: Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line to Freeport Bahamas and an All Inclusive in Los Cabos Mexico
  • May: Memorial Day Weekend at the Atlanta Jazz Festival
  • June: Balearia Express to Freeport Bahamas to Swim with the Pigs and Atlanta Graduation Party
  • July: 4th of July Barbecue at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Orlando, FL
  • Aug: Cincinnati Aquarium, White Boat Party, Rodeo in Tampa
  • September: Labor Day Weekend St. Petersburg, FL and White Party and Rooftop Party in Orlando, FL plus we traveled to Washington DC for the Black Owned Wine and Spirits Festival and a visit to the Smithsonian’s African American Museum
  • October: FRS Caribbean to Bimini Bahamas and Paradise Cruise Line to Freeport Bahamas plus a daycation at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort, Jazz in the Park in Orlando, FL
  • November: Thanksgiving an All Inclusive in Playa Blanca, Panama
  • December: Nicole’s Superhero and Supervillain Party sponsored by Ketel One Christmas in Tampa New Years’ Eve in Cocoa Beach

Blacks Who Travel Awards

Blacks Who Travel Awards
Blacks Who Travel Awards

As you can see it really was quite a year!  Many people ask what was the best this or that.  So this year we decided to do a travel review. We have created our first ever “Blacks Who Travel Awards”.  These awards are just for 2018 and hopefully, it will inspire readers to visit the places on the list.  So without further delay here are the 2018 awards:

Blacks Who Travel 2018 Awards:  (Travel Review)

1). Most visited Domestic Destination: Atlanta, Georgia

2). Most visited International Destination: Grand Bahamas Island

3). Best Excursion or Tour: Swimming with the Pigs

4). Best Restaurant: Allyn’s Cafe in Cincinnati, OH

5). Best All Inclusive: Krystal Grand Los Cabos

6). Best Music Festival: Atlanta Jazz Festival

Atlanta Jazz Fest
Atlanta Jazz Fest

7). Best Party: Nicole’s Superhero and Super Villain Party sponsored by Ketel One

Superhero and Super Villains Party
Superhero and Super Villains Party

8). Best Trip: Los Cabos

Los Cabos, Mexico
Los Cabos, Mexico

I smile when I think about our adventures of 2018.  The travel review confirms we had an amazing year. We have already started planning 2019. January we have a trip planned to Key West, Florida, and Bimini for MLK Weekend and the Atlanta Jazz Festival for Memorial Day Weekend.  Although we have not picked the destination we are planning my Birthday Trip for February. Other international places under consideration include Puerto Vallarta, a trip onboard the MSC Seaside and possibly to Thailand.  2019 should be just as adventurous as 2018 was!

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