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Negril, Jamaica’s true Oasis!

The Oasis Resort Negril – All Inclusive We spent our 2018 Spring Break in Negril Jamaica.  Nikki is a teacher so we still take a spring break. This was particularly a tough time for me for a number of personal reasons I will not bore

Airbnb Burglaries are Up!

Airbnb Burglaries are Up! Airbnb burglaries are up!  What happens if your personal items are stolen at an Airbnb?  We have read stories about travelers staying in Airbnb’s having items stolen and/or the property being burglarized.  This is not unique to Airbnb.  People have had

Exciting changes coming to IFA Bavaro in Punta Cana!

Exciting changes coming to IFA Bavaro in Punta Cana

IFA Bavaro Resort and Spa   The IFA Bavaro is a good moderately priced resort with great potential.  During my visit the hotel was undergoing a great deal of renovations that when finished will definitely improve the value to its guests.  IFA is a good

5 Reasons to go on a Black Ski Trip

5 Reasons to go on a Black Ski Trip

One of the trendy things to do is go in a Black Ski Trip.  Ski Trips are something not a lot of Black people do.  Many are interested.  They see these trips on Facebook and social media.  You may even know someone who has gone.

Black Ski Trips - What you need to know...

Black Ski Trips – What you need to know…

Looking for something different to do in 2017?  What about a ski trip?  Black Ski Trips are usually not about the ski trip as much as they are about the Events and Parties.  Black Ski Trips offer a variety of entertainment and parties.  Some offer

Havana Cuba

Looking for a place to stay in Cuba? Try Airbnb

Cuba is exploding onto the travel scene.  Therefore people are looking for a place to stay in Cuba.  There is limited hotel space and what they have is not really up to American standards.  What I mean by that is mattresses are not as thick

Photo of the FRS-Caribbean Ferry. Serving Miami to Bimini the Bahmas

Boat Service has Returned To Bimini

I received some really great news and its honestly the best news I have heard in years (travel wise).  Boat Service  has returned to Bimini. Bimini Undersea was first to announced that there will once again be ship service from the U.S. and Bimini, Bahamas.

Travel Safer: Protect Yourself from Theft While Traveling

I travel all over the Caribbean and the US and one of the questions I always get is, “Is it safe to go there?” or “I didn’t think it was safe to go there”.   I hear that a lot about Miami, Mexico and Jamaica to