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The how and why to Black Adult Travel

Black Adult Travel

Black Adult Travel

Adult Travel is becoming more and more popular.  Many people want to explore some of the adult lifestyles.  Clothing Optional is really on the rise. Resorts, beaches, RV Parks, and clubs are becoming favored destinations for Black Travelers.  Some people have been confused about Black Adult Travel. Adult Only does not always mean clothing optional or even an adult theme. Adults Only simply means no children.  Clothing optional does not mean orgy. At clothing optional resorts, it gives vacationers the opportunity to swim, lounge, hot tub and interact with guest with or without clothes on.  The resorts are designed for mature people. Not for people to gawk and giggle.

Q&A with a Female who goes to Adults Only Resorts
What are Adults Only Resorts about?

What are Adults Only Resorts about?

We asked a Female frequent Adult Theme Traveler a Question: Why she chooses the Clothing Optional Theme?  She said, “I enjoy the atmosphere. It’s nice to do something different.  The Staff (of the Resort) really makes the trip. If they are fun, well organized and enthusiastic it makes for a great time.  I go with a large group. It is nice to see some old friends and to meet new ones. But honestly, the staff at Hedonism made the week really nice for me.”  

Question: What do you mean by always something going on?  Female Traveler: “For example, they always had something going on at the resort.  Poolside games, theme nights, nightly shows.” Question: What kinds of theme nights?  Female Traveler: “While I was there we had a Foam Party, Toga Party, Glow Party and White Party.  Each night included a lavish theme party. They had Las Vegas-style shows and fun games.  During the day we played clothing optional volleyball. The first 2 days I wore swim bottoms.  The last few days I wore nothing.”


Adult Swim

  • Adult Lifestyles: includes but are not limited to Swingers, Nudist, BDSM, Kink & Fetishes
  • Nudist: a person who engages in the practice of going naked wherever possible.
  • Clothing Optional: The ability to wear clothes or wear nothing i.e. nude.
  • Swingers: a person who engages in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners.
  • BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics.
  • Kinky: In human sexuality, kinkiness is the use of unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies.
  • Fetishes: Sexual fetishism, a sexual attraction to objects or body parts of lesser sexual importance (or none at all) such as feet or certain types of clothing
  • Voyeur: A person who enjoys watching others have sex and/or receives pleasure from watching others have sex.  A Voyeur does not usually participate in the sex.
  • Bi-Curious: Persons who are interesting in finding out what it is like to have sex or engage in sexual activities with a member of the same sex.
  • Lesbian: Women who love other women.
Who goes to these resorts?

Adults Only

A common misconception about Adult Theme Activities is the type of people they attract.  Let’s start by dispelling the myth that it is a Ken and Barbie or Jada and Will in the Black Community show.  It is not. The Adult Theme attracts people of all ages and of all shapes and sizes. The consensus profile of the average participant is White roughly 40-50 years old. There are not a lot of black people at the resorts although the numbers are growing.  There are some Black Adult Groups you can find on the internet and through exploring different adult lifestyles. The breakdown in travel is about the same as any other group travel. 15-20% Couples (Married, Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Sex Partners) 10-15% Single Males (including Males traveling without their Partners)  and 65-75% Single Females (that include females traveling without partners, Bi Females, Bi-Curious Females and Girls Groups)

How to Find Groups or Black Groups

Internet Search


To find Black Groups that do adult travel look on Facebook in Facebook Groups.  They can also be found through Travel Agents. There are even Travel Agents who specialize in Adult Travel.  Look for meet up groups in your area. If you don’t want to be with people you may know then look in a nearby area.  Some people feel more comfortable with people they don’t know versus people they do. When all else fails, try a simple Google search and don’t overlook websites like, or  You don’t have to be looking for swingers as much as information and/or like-minded people who want to experience the Adult atmosphere.

How many people are involved in these lifestyles?


The number of Swingers and Adult Lifestyle participants is larger than people realize.  Unfortunately, in the United States and in the Black Community this not something you talk about.  People are not free, to tell the truth, and often act offended even though secretly they participate or may want to.  In other words, the subject is taboo! As of 2011, some experts believe that as many as 15 million Americans are swinging on a regular basis.  One thing is for sure. Size and shape do not matter. People like and appreciate different things. Lifestyle parties are a place where it seems all sizes and shapes are admired by someone.  In fact, there are several BBW Groups that have a National and International status.

Other Adult Options

Clothing Optional Beach

In addition to Resorts, many Blacks are also visiting Nude Beaches, Clubs, and Communities. Truthfully, most start with Clubs, Beaches or Communities. This allows Couples and Singles to explore the lifestyle on a local or semi-local level.  Clubs are a sample of the resort life. Clubs have theme nights, luxurious parties as well as contests and games. The games are usually icebreakers that are designed to loosen people up and help guests interact.


Adults Travel and Entertainment do come with a cost.  It is somewhat expensive to participate in these Adult Theme lifestyles.  Adult themed resorts run about $600-1000 per week more than a regular All-Inclusive Resort.  As for Clubs, there is usually a National or International Organization to join.  The good news is the National or International Organization fee usually allows you to go to multiple clubs. The bad news is that many memberships are sold in either 6 or 12 months increments.


There is also Club dues or fee that is collected after you join the Organization by the local club.  Couples are charged 1 price and Singles are charged another.  Single Men pay the most and Single Females pay the least.  The reason is Single Females are the most desired and Single Males are the least desired.  By far the least expensive option is the Nude or Clothing Optional Beaches.  The cost is only a few dollars and some beaches are free.


Regardless of how you feel about it, Black Adult Travel is becoming increasingly more popular. Many People of Color are exploring some of the adult lifestyles. It is happening inside and outside of the country.  Many mainstream resorts and even Cruise Ships offer Topless Sunbathing or Clothing Optional areas. Remember, the Adult option is designed for mature people.  Not for people to gawk and giggle.

Nude Beaches and Clothing Optional Beaches:
Florida Beaches:
  • Playalinda Beach Clothing optional – S. Washington Ave, Titusville, FL 32796
  • Blind Creek Beach – Nude Beach – 5460 S. Ocean Dr. Fort Pierce, FL 34949
  • Haulover Beach – Nude Beach – 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Florida
  • South Beach – Topless Beach – Ocean Drive & 5th Street to Collins Avenue & 21st Street, Miami Beach, FL (305) 673-7714
Other States:
  • California – San Mateo, CA – San Gregorio Private Beach
  • California – San Francisco – Baker Beach
  • Hawaii – Kauai, HI – Kauapea Beach
  • Massachusetts – Martha’s Vineyard – Moshup Beach
  • New Jersey – Jersey Shore – Gunnison Beach
  • Oregon – Sauvie Island, OR – Collins Beach
  • Texas – South Padre Island, TX – UFO Beach
World Nude Beaches:
  • St. Martin/St. Maarten – Orient Bay
  • Antigua – Hawksbill Beach
  • Italy (Cinque Terre) – Guvano Beach
  • St. Barts – Grand Saline
  • Spain (Almeria) – Playa de los Muertos (Spain has multiple Nude Beaches)
  • Crete – Red Beach
  • Portugal – Ilha Deserta 30 min boat ride off the coast of Faro, Spain
Adult Resorts in Jamaica with Nude or Clothing Optional
  •    Sunscape Splash, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  •    Couples Resort and Spa, Negril, Jamaica
  •    Couples Swept Away, Negril, Jamaica
  •    Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel All -Suite-Resort, Negril, Jamaica
  •    Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica
  •    Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa, Lucea, Hanover Parish, Jamaica
  •    Couples Sans Souci, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  •    Couples Tower Isle, Ocho Rio, Jamaica
  •    Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica, Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Nude Resorts in Florida
Clubs and Organizations
  • Secrets Hideaway Resort, Kissimmee, FL –
  • Cypress Cove Nudist Resort – Kissimmee/Poinciana, FL 
RV Park/Campground
  • Lake Como Nudist Resort 20500 Cot Road, Lutz, FL 33558
  • Sunnier Palms Nudist Park (Membership Required) Fort Pierce, FL
  • Sunny Sands Nudist Resort Clothing Optional 499 Alpha Parkway, Pierson, FL 32180
Swingers Clubs
Florida Swingers Clubs


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