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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, a Tropical Caribbean Escape!

Puerto Rico, a Tropical Caribbean Escape Puerto Rico is a tropical Caribbean escape where no passport is required for US Citizens.  It does not matter the reason for your trip, Puerto Rico has the answer waiting for you.  Family trip?  No problem, looking for a

Airbnb Burglaries are Up!

Airbnb Burglaries are Up! Airbnb burglaries are up!  What happens if your personal items are stolen at an Airbnb?  We have read stories about travelers staying in Airbnb’s having items stolen and/or the property being burglarized.  This is not unique to Airbnb.  People have had

Cuban Nightlife

The Cuban Nightlife

The Cuban Nightlife is Legendary The Buena Vista Social Club is a name most of us have heard of.  All because the Cuban nightlife is legendary.   Buena Vista Social Club was made popular again by a 1999 movie bearing the same name.  The movie displayed

Upcoming Music Festivals

Upcoming Music Festivals The Essence Festival ended July 2nd, but that is not the end of  Festival season. There are more Music Festivals to come.   If you like music festivals, there are still some very good ones coming up.  If you like Jazz, then you

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

2 Nights of Bahamas Paradise

2 Nights of Bahamas Paradise Great Way to Get to the Bahamas Need to get away, but can’t stay away too long?  Think about a 2-night getaway to the Bahamas.  The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line provides a great way to get to the Bahamas while

All about Cuban Beaches!

All about Cuban Beaches! One of the questions I get asked all the time is about the beaches in Cuba.  I am asked what are they like?  Are they as nice as everyone says?  Did you make it to the beach?  Let me try to

New Travel Rules to Cuba

President Trump’s New Travel Rules for Cuba

New Travel Rules for Cuba Today’s decision is a setback in US-Cuban relations.  The Trump Administration has stiffened the travel restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba. Under President Kennedy, the Cuban embargo banned tourism from the US.  President Obama, relaxed regulations allowing Americans to visit

Traveling to Cuba without Government Permission!

Why it is not a good idea to travel to Cuba through another Country without Government Permission Cuba is the only country that Americans need government permission to visit.  You can travel to China, Russia, and North Korea.  The US Government does not restrict travel