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Who Knew a Book Signing Would be a Life Changing Event?

Who knew a Book Signing would be a life Changing Event

Who knew a Book Signing would be a Life Changing Event

A friend of mine recently wrote a book and I went to her book signing.  The book contains career advice and is about  how to master and manage your career.  The book puts forth advice from 11 Human Resource Insiders.  The Insiders disclose strategies and tricks for success in resume writing, job searching, interviewing and career planning.  The night ended with a life changing development that the author did not see coming.

The Event Setup


La Shawn Sutton's Book Signing

La Shawn Sutton’s Book Signing

It was Saturday night and we arrived at Aloft an upscale, swanky, modern hotel located in downtown Orlando.  Nikki and I came in the front door so we landed in the lobby and were greeted by a table with representatives selling books.  To our left as we faced the table was a full bar.  The bar was both colorful and spacious, serving drinks and appetizers for the event’s guests.  

Behind the table was the set up for the Career Q&A.  They had a riser with four stools for each of the authors who were at the book signing.  Next to the riser sat a drummer and keyboard player showering the guests with jazz and light funk.   Across the room were two tables setup next to the pool table where the collaborating  authors had tables to sign copies of their book.  The decorated venue added a nice personal touch.

Other Authors
Authors Tables

Author’s Tables

The authors who were at the Book Signing in Orlando were Anthony Franklin, Diversity Recruiter; Melanie Denny, Resume Coach; Orlando Haynes, Professional Recruiter and my friend La Shawn Sutton.  We are former colleagues, La Shawn and I we worked together at a Private Recruiting Firm.  La Shawn is also one half an Orlando Power Couple as she is also the girlfriend of Comedian Ken Miller.  Ken is a well know comic throughout Florida who is gaining a national audience and recently appeared on Nickelodeon channels.  In one of his various comedy routines La Shawn is a focal point, but we will come back to that!

About La Shawn Sutton
LaShawn Sutton

Author, La Shawn Sutton

La Shawn has more than twelve years of experience in talent acquisition.  When we worked together, La Shawn managed a client and was responsible for client satisfaction, sourcing plans, recruiting plans, tracking and reporting.  She managed a team of recruiters and coordinators.  La Shawn graduated from Clark Atlanta University an HBCU in Atlanta, GA where she majored in Public Relations.  Per her bio La Shawn “has built a successful career implementing creative talent acquisition strategies for Fortune 100 firms and developing people along their career paths. She has managed recruiting programs and teams, coordinated large-scale recruiting events, as well as developed employer marketing and communication initiatives.”

Career Q&A
Career Q&A

Career Q&A

The Career Q&A started with an introduction of each of the authors who were present.  Afterward Masters of Ceremony Ken Miller lead the discussion with questions for the panel.  Each of the Authors gave their personal thoughts on each of the questions.  Additional career questions came from audience members seeking answers on things such as “ How long before you should follow up with an Employer after an interview?”  One by one the book’s writers shared secrets designed to help candidates to successfully interview, get the job they want, and achieve career advancements.

The Book

The night had a surprise ending.  After the career Q&A was finished and Ken was wrapping up the festivities he called La Shawn over to honor her and her accomplishments.  That was expected and certainly not the surprise.  The surprise is what came next.  Ken said something to the effect of in the past year, you have become an Author, Real Estate Agent, successful business woman it is time you become someone’s wife.  With those words, he reached into his pocket dropped to one knee and presented La Shawn with a beautiful engagement ring and proposed.  She said “Yes !”

I went to her book signing because a friend of mine wrote a book.  The book is about career advice and how to master and manage your career. There are things more important than a career.  Those are life and family.  That is something my friend, who wrote the book, can look forward to and enjoy the rest of her married life!

Ken & LaShawn

Ken & LaShawn

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