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What the US could learn sexually from other Countries!

What the US could learn sexually from other Countries!

I am hoping we can have an honest conversation.  It is about sex and bathrooms!  I also I want to talk about tits and ass!  These are just somethings I noticed on my vacation to the Dominican Republic.  This is what the US could learn sexually from other Countries!

Male Bathroom Symbol

Male Bathroom Symbol

Female Bathroom Symbol

Female Bathroom Symbol

Dominican Republic Resort

We stayed in a large International Resort in Punta Cana.  The resort had people from the US although not many, a large number of Europeans, as well as many from the Caribbean, South and Latin America, with a sprinkle of Asians.  The resort staff was made up of both people from the Dominican Republic as well as many Haitians.  The 8 days we spent here made me understand that the US could real learn from the rest of the world.  March 2017 I spent 8 days in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  I went for Spring Break.  The resort I picked was full and not with College kids but a lot of couples who had come for fun and sun.  The ages ranged from mid 20s up to mid-60s.  Let me share with you what I did observe.

IFA Bacaro Family of Resorts

IFA Bacaro Family of Resorts

The Bathroom

The Resort we stayed at in Punta Cana had some co-ed bathrooms.  Maybe a better description is “Joint Bathrooms”.  Let me describe the restrooms for you.  The restroom had approximately 6 individual stalls to the left as you walk in.  Then the immediate right was common sinks, mirrors and dryers for both sexes to use.  Just passed the opening to the sinks, there is another opening that has urinals and a couple additional stalls.  The men who only had to do 1 thing generally used the urinals.  However the stalls were used by both sexes.  When people finished, they headed to the common area where the sinks were.  The resort did have an attendant dedicated to the restroom making sure the area was clean and had supplies.  I have never seen that before.  It was definitely different and somewhat interesting.

Ask a Woman?

I wanted to know how a US Women would feel about the bathroom set up.  So since I brought one with me I thought I would ask.

  •         What did you think of the Bathroom?   Odd, but very clean.  I think is suited the area and served its purpose.
  •         How did you feel when you realized there were men and women?   A little uncomfortable at first, but I wasn’t by myself. (Others were using the bathroom and there was a Bathroom Attendant.)  I was in a stall so it was really no different.
  •         How do you think that style bathroom would go over in the US?   I think people would complain.  They would try to make a big deal out of it.
The Beach

At the beach we noticed several women topless.  Some Women were lying on their stomach, while others lying on their back.  There was not an age limit on this either.  We observed young women in their 20s and well as ladies possibly in their 60s.  The second thing that caught our attention was the large numbers of thongs (and euro bottoms).  

Black Girls in Bikinis

Black Girls in Bikinis

Thongs were not limited to the slim and fit.  Women considered plus size sported them as well and honestly did not look bad in them.  I understand that often wearing a swimsuits comes does to confidence.  Part of the reason I bring this up is the way we look at people, women in the US.  I personally know when who would like to go topless at the beach.  Not that many who want to wear thongs, but I think that is because of what people would say or the pictures they might post on social media. We have all seen “people of Walmart”.

Ladies walking in thong drawing little to no attention.

Ladies walking in thong drawing no real attention.

Believe it or not, neither the thongs, nor the topless women drew a reaction from the vacationers.  Most Beach lovers simply enjoyed the sand, sun, and water while watching the parade of boats pass by.  Likewise I did not hear anyone complain about the basically co-ed bathroom.  I think the only thing I saw was someone shrugged their shoulders.  I wonder what the reaction would be of people in the US.  Other parts of the world are not hung up on sex.  Many Countries are not as uncomfortable with sex the way we are in the US.  Other countries don’t seem to make such a big deal out of going to the bathroom.  Sex and Bathrooms are both Taboo subjects in the US.

I was hoping we could have an honest conversation.  The goal was not to solve the problem, but to start a conversation about sex, sexuality and bathrooms!  I know both subjects are taboo in the US.  These were just a couple of things I noticed on my vacation to the Dominican Republic.  Sex, bathrooms, tits and ass just are really no big deal in other Countries.  The 8 days we spent here made me understand that the US could really learn sexually, from the rest of the world.


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