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The One Place all Black People should go in Punta Cana!

I think most people like to experience the Nightlife when they are on vacation.  We want to see what other clubs are like.  What people wear?  How people other places party.  What the men and women are like other places.  We are naturally curious about how they dance and what is popular.  On our Spring Break Trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic we sampled the Dominican night life at CoCo Bongo.  We know this is more of a tourist spot.  However we have been to Punta Cana 5 or 6 times.

CoCo Bongo is very popular and I wanted to find out what all the hype was about.  I’d seen information online, ads at the airport and brochures at the hotel.  We decided what the hell it is not like we can go to this when we get home.  They offered 2 packages for the Club.  A VIP package for over $100 per person and an Open Bar package for around $60 per person.  The main difference was you got a place to sit and a table for the VIP.

Crowd outside CoCo Bongo

Crowd outside CoCo Bongo

Outside CoCo Bongo

CoCo Bongo goes out of its way to make sure you have a good time.  From the time you get there and stand in line to get in they have a DJ, MC working and interacting with customers.  The Club actually passed out balloons to the guests while they were waiting to go in.  That set the stage for an exciting night to come!  Once inside it was like entering a high school gym.  That is if you had all the stage and lighting show that you would find in Disney.


CoCo Bongo’s venue is stadium style with a bar that doubled as a stage in the middle and a large stage on one end.  The stage is raised and sat above the crowd making it easy to see from all vantage points.  The venue was the size of a large high school gym and could hold between 2-3 thousand people.  The venue also had an upper level.  It had both VIP and standing room.  It was the same level as the stage.

Inside Coco Bongo

The first thing I noticed was that the music as not too loud.  I have left clubs because the music was just too loud.  The music was also clear.  The sound quality was definitely top notch.  The second thing that caught my attention was the 2 large video walls which allowed everyone in the building to see the videos, highlights of the show, and interesting things going on in the club.  Later in the night they even used it for interactive video games like kiss cam.  Finally from our vantage point we could see  that there were multiple bars and plenty of waiters.  Getting a drink was not going to be hard at all.


Shots, Shots, Shots!

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Girls lined up for Shots

The DJ kept things jumping all night.  There was not a slow spot in the evening.  The DJ played only top songs that you could recognize by most.  The music was very high energy with an underlying techno beat.

What’s in the Show

The Show started around 11:30 PM.  They alternate the shows on a schedule.  The one we saw was a compilation of the many shows they perform.  It was fast paced with beautiful bright costumes.  I could tell that the producers of the shows had paid close attention to details.  This was no doubt a first class show.  From the selections made to match the wardrobe of the entertainers they were paying tribute to.  Every detail was carefully attended to including makeup and dance choreography.  

"Sexy and I know it"

LMFAO impersonators doing “Sexy and I know it”

The Performers were true professionals and dedicated to their work. The star of the show had to be the dancing.  The dancing including the aerial show was spectacular.  In this show the dancers, singers, aerobatics, tumblers were all impressive.  The show had multiple high flying trapezes acts as well as other Circque de Soliel type acrobatic gymnastics displays.  I saw performances dedicated to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Rhianna and Bruno Mars just to name a few.  Even the wait staff got in on the show and created a fun time for all.

Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson Impersonator


The show was further enhanced by all the technology and special effects.  Throughout the show they made use of lights, curtains, smoke, air and confetti.  The special effects help to create explosive action all around the club.  These effects kept the crowd jumping and really seemed to go with the show.  The last performers in the show finished around 2:30 AM.  The DJ played popular videos the last 30 minutes until the club closed.  The last special effect that capped of the night was a balloon drop.  The perfect ending to a great fun injected night!

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