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New Rules on Cuba are finally here!

New Rules on Cuba are finally here!

June 16, 2017, President Trump announced a new Cuba Policies in a speech in Miami, FL.  At that time no rules or regulations were officially established therefore nothing changed.  Today, October 8, 2017, new rules are finally here!  Earlier today, some of the details of the policy have finally been released.  The Trump Cuba Policy will severely impact travel, for those under United States Jurisdiction.  The changes will impede Americans from traveling or doing business in Cuba.  Travelers will be directly affected and heavily restricted.  People will be forced to travel under “Group Licences” and Individual travel as we know it will basically end.

Cuban flag hanging at the Revolution Museum in Havana Cuba

Cuban flag at the Revolution Museum in Havana Cuba

We are awaiting additional details including new Customs restrictions on souvenirs, rum, cigars, etc.  It was announced that Tours of famous Cuban Rum Factories, Cuban ports, and the massive Mariel economic zone, shopping centers and individual stores such as TRASVAL will be prohibited under the new policy.  Also on the prohibited list were Cuban Hotels, Restaurants, Stores and just about any other entity the US State Department determines is owned, or would otherwise benefit the Cuban Government.


Cuban Rum

Rum Factories affected by New Cuba Policy!


Rum Factories placed on the Prohibited List.


Cuban Capitol Building

Cuban Capitol Building

What’s new about Trump’s Cuba policy

Tighter Restrictions on Travel.

  • The 12 categories of authorized travel will be more stringently enforced and travel to Cuba will be regularly audited to ensure compliance.
  • Trump’s Cuba policy again prohibits individual Americans from traveling to Cuba under this broad “people-to-people” category.
  •  Travelers or people who wish to do business with Cuba will face restrictions on how and where they can spend U.S. dollars on the island.

The secretary of state will begin to compile a list of forbidden Cuban entities, so stay tuned!

Cuban Cigars may be restricted under new rules!

Cuban Cigars may be restricted under new rules!

Base your feelings on your findings!

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