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Cuba Day 6 – 6/7

Cuba Day 6 began with us making breakfast with the Airbnb owner.  She had never had pancakes.  She had never seen margarine and syrup were foreign to her as well.  In Cuba, they use only real butter and she mistook the maple syrup for honey.  In addition to the pancakes, we made eggs with cheese and bacon.  Our Airbnb host had never seen liquid eggs either. This was quite an eye-opening experience for her and for us as well.  She really enjoyed the breakfast which made me happy.  One more satisfied customer!

Things that are not common in Cuba. Syrup, margin, cooking spray.

Things that are not common in Cuba. Syrup, margin, cooking spray.

After breakfast, we showered and changed.  Before we headed out I took some pictures of the Airbnb as well as some video so that you all can see where we stayed.  I know I described it in an earlier blog post but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Anyway, now you have both.  We straighten up before we left.  Then headed to the Havana Libra hotel.  We needed to exchange some US dollars for Cuban CUCs.  We picked up a bottle of water for the day then ran across the street to get ice cream from Coppelia.  Several people, we recommended that we have ice cream from Coppelia’s.  Many said it was the best in Cuba.  It was very good and although they call it ice cream it is more like ice milk.  It lacks the richness of cream or custard.

Coppelia's Ice Cream

Coppelia’s Ice Cream

We caught a taxi to San Francisco de Asis to pick up a couple of additional gifts for family members.  We stopped by the same store however they were out of the item we were looking for, so we went on a quest to find it.  Store after store we looked and was unable to find what we were looking for.  We paused to take some additional pictures of interesting sites.  Then we decided to break for lunch and start up fresh.

Cuba Day 6 Lunch

Restaurante Vuelta Abaho

Restaurante Vuelta Abaho

We ate lunch at Restaurante Vuelta Abaho.   The restaurant had a $12 special where you got to choose a soup or salad, lunch entree, house drink and they gave you desert and coffee.   Nikki went with the fruit salad.  I chose the Cream of Seafood soup.  We both had the Shrimp and Lobster on a steak.  We would call them Kabobs.  The entrée came with rice, mashed sweet potato balls and some type of slaw that we did not eat.  The slaw was dry and literally did not have anything on it.  Nikki chose the Mojito and I chose Cuba Libre (Cuban Rum and Coke with lime).  For desert, we were given Carmel Flan.  Nikki also had Cuban Coffee.

 Restaurante Vuelta Abaho

Restaurante Vuelta Abaho

We returned to our quest to find gifts for family members.  Again we went from store to store looking for the item.  After another hour had passed we finally found an item similar and settled for it.  We continued to look for an area we were in the day before but we got lost and were not able to find it.  Around 5:30 PM we gave up and walked over to the Capitol and got a cab ride back to the Airbnb.  We had walked over 14800 steps according to the fit counter but it was all for not as we were unable to find the items we wanted.  Oh well on to plan B.

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