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Cuba Day 5 – Later that night…

Brown's Cafe

Bill & Nikki at Cafe Brown

Cuba Day 5, later that evening around 10 PM we got up and got dressed to go back out.  We had passed a Taco Restaurant and wanted to experience it.  Latin tacos are not like the fast food places in the US.  In Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Dominica Taco restaurants are upscale.  They usually have full bars and coffee.  The Tacos come with a variety of authentic toppings for you to place on top of your meat.  Also, you get to pick your meats.  The tacos come with some type of rice and/or beans and sides that you can eat alone as a salad or put on your taco.

Cafe Brown in Havana Cuba

We walked 3 short blocks from our Airbnb to Café Brown the Taco restaurant.  When we arrived the place was almost full.  The restaurant only seats about 20 guests.  They have high top round dark wood bistro tables with bar stools.  The table and the chairs were very sturdy.  I believe the wood was mahogany.  The restaurant was laid out like a coffee or a bistro.  They have a long bar with liquor displayed prominently.  They have a very modern black expresso coffee machine.  The have a flat-screen TV on the wall playing Videos and providing music.  On the walls were 3 chalkboards each displaying the menu written in English and Spanish, with explanations of each food or drink available.

Inside Brown's Cafe

Inside  Cafe Brown

There were 2 young men work.  One who looked like a teenager, and he had the best manners and customer service.  His English was shaky but he listened very well and tried to answer and solve problems.  The teenager took our order.  We went with Tacos both chicken and pork.  Nikki wanted a Presidente, which by the way is actually the beer of the Dominican Republic, but is very popular in Cuba.  We took pictures and enjoyed the videos as we waited for our food.

Cuba Day 5, Dinner

Inside Brown's Cafe

Bill & Nikki eating dinner at Cafe Brown


Food at Brown's Cafe

Dinner at Cafe Brown

Our food came and it was smartly displayed on white platters and trays.  There was enough chicken and pork to make multiple tacos.  We had warm soft flour tortillas.  We were each given rice and vegetables along with a salsa tray the consisted of a Cuban hot sauce, beans and pico de gallo.  The food was delicious.  We ate all of it.

When we finished, of all things, there was a Michael Bolton concert on Cuban TV.  We watched and enjoyed Michael singing.  Nikki wanted a round of Cuban espresso before leaving.  I highly recommend Café Brown if you are in Havana.  It is on the corner of Espada & San Lazaro.  As we exited we discovered it was raining and apparently had been for some time.  We decided to return to the Airbnb and savor the memory of the evening.   Enjoy our videos on our YouTube Channel Blacks who Travel” and remember “Base your feelings on your findings!”

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