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Cuba Day 4 – 4/7

Cuba Day 4

Cuba Day 4 began with breakfast in the apartment.  We had pancakes, bacon, and an omelet for the second day in a row, but that is what we like.  Then we packed to move to our 2nd Airbnb.  We extended our stay after we booked the first Airbnb so we need a second for the next 3 nights.  The new Airbnb is not too far from this location and it gives us something to compare the 1st Airbnb too.

Habana Libre hotel

Hotel Habana Libre

Second Airbnb

I ran over to Hotel Cuba Libre (Havana Libre) to purchase tickets for the City Tour.  $20 CUC per person for 4.5 hours and we will see Old Havana, New Havana and important sites.   I plan to take lots of pictures and shoot video.  After picking up the tickets, I stopped to buy bottled water.  Then headed back to the first Airbnb where our ride was waiting to take us to the second Airbnb.  We had so much luggage we needed to make 2 trips.  Once we arrived, we settled in.


This place is completely different setup.  You enter the apartment and head up a long flight of stairs to the second floor.  There is a common living room and family room area at the top of the landing.  Down the open air hall are 3 bedroom suites.  The first bedroom is the Owners suite.  The 2nd Bedroom is set up for multiple people.  It is probably best for Parents and children.  Our room was the 3rd Bedroom.

Our Room

The room has one large bed, a love seat, coffee table, chair, 2 nightstands and very large armoire big enough to put 3 large suitcases in and a mini fridge.  The attached ensuite was spacious and contained a sink, toilet, standalone tub, and a spa shower with multiple showerheads from 3 or more directions.  There was a rain showerhead above.  There were side shower heads that sprayed water horizontally.  Plus a handheld showerhead that could go everywhere.  Next door to our room was the common kitchen.  It was complete with all the appliances.  Upstairs through the kitchen is the roof.  This roof has a bar area and a glider and a good view of Havana and the ocean.  I could help but think of what type of parties I could throw on that roof.  Our next outing was to the Parque Zoological Park.  (The Zoo)

2nd Airbnb

Pictures from the second Airbnb

Havana Zoo

The Parque Zoological Park of Cuba is opened Wednesday – Sunday from 10 AM – 5 PM.  It is a good size zoo but not a lot of animals.   We saw Jaguars, Tiger, Lions, Black Bear, Hippopotamus, Flamingos, Water Buffalos, Chimpanzee, Ostrich, Raccoon, and Apes.  Let me stop at the Apes.  I am stopping here because I saw something which I have never seen before in my life.  This would not even be discussed if I did not have photographic proof.  However, I witnessed a Lady toss an opened can of soda to the Ape who drank it.  This is something you can only see at a Foreign Zoo and I would not suggest you try this as it could land you in jail.

Ape drinking soda!

Ape drinking soda!

Zoo Animals

Overall the Zoo was disappointing and needs a lot of work.  Many of the exhibits are run down and it is truly a concrete jungle.   The enclosures need to be updated and redesigned to create a more natural environment close to where they came from.  The exhibits lack any stimulation.  The animals have few things for them to do or play with.  This seemed like a small town Zoo from the 1970s.  They have enough space and they have good landscaping but they lack more humane enclosures and stimulation for the animals.  I recommend you skipping the Zoo in Havana.  FYI…After paying $3 CUC per person to enter the Zoo I was asked for $1 CUC to use the restroom.  BTW they sell beer at the Zoo for $1 CUC.

Havana Lion at the Zoo

Lion at the Zoo in Havana.

Havana Hippo at the ZooHippo at the Havana Zoo

Animals at the Havana ZooCombo picture from Havana Zoo

Pizza in Havana Cuba

We stopped at a restaurant across the street from the Zoo called Munchies K-FE.  It was a small restaurant that did a ton of takeout business.  They did have a small area to dine in.  They specialized in sandwiches and pizza.  We had Pizza that was surprisingly good.  The kicker is that we had sausage, ham, mushrooms, and onions on a medium size pizza plus we each had a soda all for $10.35 CUC.  We grabbed a taxi back to the 2nd Airbnb.  We rested up for tonight’s adventure.

Pizza in Havana Cuba

Pizza in Havana Cuba $7.35 CUC

See more from the day in Cuba including video from the Zoo on our YouTube Channel “Blacks who Travel” and remember “Base your feelings on your findings!”

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