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Black Ski Trips – What you need to know…

Looking for something different to do in 2017?  What about a ski trip?  Black Ski Trips are usually not about the ski trip as much as they are about the Events and Parties.  Black Ski Trips offer a variety of entertainment and parties.  Some offer Self Improvement and Health Beauty Sessions during the day.

Along with a plethora of Entertainment in the evenings.  Everything from Comedy to mini Black Film Festivals.  Black Ski Trips also feature some of the best Theme Parties and  Pool Parties.   One of the great things about a Black Ski Trips are the easy payment plans.  Most offer the ability to pay for the trip over 3 months.  The average cost, of a Black Ski Trip, is under $500 based per person, based on double occupancy.

White Party

White Party

Each Ski trip is planned differently and you need to look into the actual event schedule to make sure the trip has the events you are looking for.  If you do ski, then you may want to look into the Ski Trips where skiing is the main focus.  I have been on 4 Black Ski Trips and I have never skied or gone to the slopes on any of them.  The Ski Trips I have been on have had 36 hours of open bar and that was great for me.  I enjoy the entertainment and that is definitely the highlight for me.

MLK Holiday

There are Black Ski trips that are planned around the Martin Luther King holiday in January.  That is a great weekend for a ski trip.  It is the same time every year. Many people are off that Monday and will not need to take off work.  The M.L.K. Ski Trip is Dr. King weekend January 13-16, 2017 in Gatlinburg, TN.  At the M.L.K. Ski Trip, they having an MLK Carnival Party on Friday.  Comedian K Dub and a Black & White Ball on Saturday.  Sunday will be filled with Skiing and Shopping.  Did I mention almost all their Events (except Skiing) have an Open Bar?

Masquerade Pajama Party

Masquerade Pajama Party

The same weekend (January 13-16) in Ontario, Canada the another Black Ski Trip called MLK Ski Weekend holds their Events at the Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Collingwood.  This Ski Trip is actually geared toward skiing.  The lodging is located at the Ski Resort.  There are activities include skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowmobiling, Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, visit to Underground Railroad Museum along with after-parties, happy hours, karaoke, dancing, comedy shows and more.  MLK Ski Weekend offers Party Buses to the resort from Detroit and Toronto.  Please note that the Canadian trip does require a passport.  Although you have plenty of time to get one, however, you cannot go without one. I recommend that you and all your traveling companions get your passports before you book!

Superbowl Weekend

Super bowl weekend is another popular weekend for Black Ski Trips.  This is an excellent opportunity to wrap 1 Event around another.  The Ski Trips that are Super bowl weekend have large Super Bowl Watch Parties.  The ones that I have attended, everyone represents their favorite Professional team and we watch several giant TVs projected onto walls and supplemented by additional 60 inch Flat Screens.  2 Black Ski Trips are planned the same weekend.  

Superbowl Party 2016

Superbowl Party 2016

There is Urban Ski Weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN, February 3-5, 2017.  Urban Ski Weekend has an Instagram Party and Late Night Pool Party planned for Friday.  Saturday includes a Film Festival, Spoken Word Poetry, Comedy, an All-White Affair and the 2nd Late Night Pool Party.  Sunday is the Group Ski Day, the Super Bowl Watch Party and the Farewell Party.  Urban Ski weekend is over 36 hours of Open Bar.  They know how to Party!

The 2AM Pool Party at Black Ski Trip

The 2AM Pool Party at Black Ski Trip

The same weekend MD Ski Express holds their Ski Trip at the Hope Lake Lodge, Courtland, NY.  The MD Ski Express Ski Trip includes luxury charter transportation, live concerts, meals, open bar, theme parties.  MD Ski Express also offers Wine tasting, casino, and shopping trips.  As well as an array of Skiing and Tubing options. MD Ski Express describes themselves as grown and sexy with an old school flavor.

Black Ski Trips in February & Early March

There are 2 additional Ski trips both in Lake Tahoe, NV.  They are on different dates.  The National Black Ski Summit (NBS) will be in Lake Tahoe, NV February 27 – March 5, 2017. The Summit is a biennial fundraiser of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, bringing together well over 5000 people from all across the country for a week of winter sports fun. These are people serious about skiing. Blackout Weekend is planned for Lake Tahoe, NV March 10-12.  

Black Ski Trips

Black Ski Trips

Now Blackout Weekend is more of a Combination Ski and Party.  Starting with a Cigar Lounge and Mardi Gras Party on Friday Night. Saturday they start out skiing, but they have a lunch party planned in the middle of the day and shuttle to take you there. This is followed by a scavenger hunt and a Party back at the Club in the Harrah’s Casino.  Sunday they wrap things up with a Brunch Meetup on the 18th floor of  Harrah’s.

If you are wanting to do something different in 2017?  Look into one of these Black Ski Trips.   Black Ski Trips are an excellent opportunity to try something different.  Make new Friends, Network. Getaway and have Fun!

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