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Miami is preparing for a Party that only they can throw!  Miami will host it Carnival October 8-10.  The event will be held at the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds.  Thousands of people will come to Miami over Columbus Day weekend.  The Carnival Festival celebrates the culture, traditions, and art heritages of the Caribbean.  This is an event that attracts over 50,000 participants.  Many people will dress up in masquerade.  Miami Carnaval is fun for all ages.

One of the highlights of Carnival has to be the food.  The food there is what is eaten in many islands of the Caribbean.  If you like food from the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, Guyana and Dominican Republic then get ready because there will be an abundance of jerk, curry and stews along with other island and tropical meals.  In addition to the food be prepared for the drinks as well.  Guests can enjoy Caribbean rum and rum drinks like rum punch, rum runners and other traditional beverages. 


The Carnival Concert is another highlight.  The concert showcases talent from around the area representing all the different Island Heritage.  There will be singers, musicians and dancers all presenting traditional Caribbean culture.  The concert is usually headlined by a well know entertainer.

The main event for most people is the Carnival Parade itself.  The Parade of the Bands takes place on Sunday October 9th.  The parade features over twenty masquerade bands parading through the city. The band selects a theme and portray characters from Caribbean folklore. They dress in colorful costumes comprised of beads, feather, sequins and ruffles with lavish headdresses that match.  The Bands march, dancers and sometimes chant all though the parade route. The parade is judged and winners are selected based on creativity, authenticity and presentation.  Winning is an extremely big deal to the bands and hold bragging rights for a year!

Tickets are currently on sale and range from $10-$20 per event or a VIP Pass is offered for $100.  The VIP Pass Includes: VIP Entry, Shuttle to VIP Zone, Snacks, Dinner, Drinks, Reserved Mas Band Viewing Stand, Concert Stage Platform Viewing and more. If you did not make it to Carnaval in Brazil or Trinidad.  This is the next best thing. 




Miami, Florida 8-10, 2016

Columbus Day Weekend

The Actual Parade Day: Sunday, October 9, 2016


10901 SW 24TH ST.

MIAMI, FL 33165


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