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All about Cuban Beaches!

All about Cuban Beaches! One of the questions I get asked all the time is about the beaches in Cuba.  I am asked what are they like?  Are they as nice as everyone says?  Did you make it to the beach?  Let me try to

How to travel to Cuba under the new travel rules!

How to Travel to Cuba under the new rules!

How to Travel to Cuba under the new rules! Those who want to travel to Cuba are looking for ways to do so either before the new rules take effect or trying to figure out how to travel to Cuba under the new rules!  President

New Travel Rules to Cuba

President Trump’s New Travel Rules for Cuba

New Travel Rules for Cuba Today’s decision is a setback in US-Cuban relations.  The Trump Administration has stiffened the travel restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba. Under President Kennedy, the Cuban embargo banned tourism from the US.  President Obama, relaxed regulations allowing Americans to visit

Traveling to Cuba without Government Permission!

Why it is not a good idea to travel to Cuba through another Country without Government Permission Cuba is the only country that Americans need government permission to visit.  You can travel to China, Russia, and North Korea.  The US Government does not restrict travel

Havana Cuba Day by Day - Day 5 Cuban Nightlife

Cuba Day 5 – Later that night…

Cuba Day 5, later that evening around 10 PM we got up and got dressed to go back out.  We had passed a Taco Restaurant and wanted to experience it.  Latin tacos are not like the fast food places in the US.  In Mexico, the

Havana Cuba Day by Day - Day 5

Cuba Day 5 – 5/7

Cuba Day 5, began with breakfast however we were unable to make breakfast at the Airbnb.  We had to make other arrangements because we could not get the stove to work.  So we had to go with Plan B.  Instead,  we showered and grabbed a

Cuban Man with Cigar

Cuba Day 4 – 4/7

Cuba Day 4 Cuba Day 4 began with breakfast in the apartment.  We had pancakes, bacon, and an omelet for the second day in a row, but that is what we like.  Then we packed to move to our 2nd Airbnb.  We extended our stay

Havana Cuba Series-Day 2

Cuba Day 2 – 2/7

Cuba Day 2 Cuba Day 2 we started the day with breakfast in the apartment.  This time Pancake, Bacon and an omelet (bacon, tomato, onion and green peppers).  We used the vegetables we purchased yesterday.  The omelet rounds out the breakfast and adds the vegetables

Havana Cuba

Looking for a place to stay in Cuba? Try Airbnb

Cuba is exploding onto the travel scene.  Therefore people are looking for a place to stay in Cuba.  There is limited hotel space and what they have is not really up to American standards.  What I mean by that is mattresses are not as thick

Cuban Flag at the Museum of the Revolution

Cuba…First Impressions

Cuba, First Impressions: Old & New– Part I When I first got to Cuba I must admit I was a little apprehensive.  It was the fear of the unknown.  Being in my first Communist country; never being in a 2nd World country; being in a