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Snowcat Ridge

Snow tubing in Florida?

If you are looking for a change of pace in Florida then Snowcat Ridge will give you a taste of Winter. The park offers snow tubing, shopping, food, and beverage as well as an inside snow retreat to play in the snow or to make a snowman. The park is perfect for all ages.

Road Trip to Houston, TX

Road Trip to Houston, TX

We did a weekend trip to Houston, Texas.  Houston has a lot to offer. My friends and I like to eat, shop and see interesting things.  We like culture and we also like to Party! Although sometimes we just like to relax.  We did it all

All about Cuban Beaches!

All about Cuban Beaches! One of the questions I get asked all the time is about the beaches in Cuba.  I am asked what are they like?  Are they as nice as everyone says?  Did you make it to the beach?  Let me try to

New Travel Rules to Cuba

President Trump’s New Travel Rules for Cuba

New Travel Rules for Cuba Today’s decision is a setback in US-Cuban relations.  The Trump Administration has stiffened the travel restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba. Under President Kennedy, the Cuban embargo banned tourism from the US.  President Obama, relaxed regulations allowing Americans to visit

Trump Administration to Close Down Cuba!

Trump Administration to Close Down Cuba! Last July I sat aboard the Fathom Cruise ship and had a fierce debate with passengers about the future of Cuba as a tourist destination and the  long the Fathom Cruise line would last.   I used my head to

Black Ski Trips - What you need to know...

Black Ski Trips – What you need to know…

Looking for something different to do in 2017?  What about a ski trip?  Black Ski Trips are usually not about the ski trip as much as they are about the Events and Parties.  Black Ski Trips offer a variety of entertainment and parties.  Some offer

Day 3 of Day by Day coverage of Havana Cuba

Cuba Day 3 – 3/7

Beach excursion Cuba Day 3 is an exciting day for us.  We have heard so much about how beautiful the Cuban beaches are.  Today is the day we get to find out and experience it for ourselves.  The day began with a 4:45 AM wake

Day 1 Cuba – 1/7

Day 1 Cuba, we had breakfast at the apartment.  We brought food from the States to make our own breakfast.  I like breakfast.  I only eat hot breakfast.  It is important to me to have a good breakfast.  I don’t like spending a lot of

We’re Going To Cuba…Follow The Series

Blacks Who Travel will have complete coverage of 2016 Cuba Trip starting Monday Dec 26th! Starting Monday December 26th you can read all about our 7 Days in Havana Cuba.  Follow us as we travel to the Beach in Cuba, all around Havana as we

Outstanding Warrants

Cruise Passengers being arrested on Outstanding Warrant(s)

Our Group Cruise was interrupted early Monday morning when one of our Members was carted off the Ship and arrested.  There are some things you should not have to say, but there is a reason we have warning labels on things.  The great Cardinal Newman