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How To Get A Refund Instead Of A Flight Credit

Weather can often cause a flight to be delayed or cancelled.  Most airlines do not want to refund your money.  They would rather give you a credit toward another one of their flights.  The purpose of your trip may have been a one-time event such

Travel Safer: Protect Yourself from Theft While Traveling

I travel all over the Caribbean and the US and one of the questions I always get is, “Is it safe to go there?” or “I didn’t think it was safe to go there”.   I hear that a lot about Miami, Mexico and Jamaica to

Freebie Alert: Smithsonian Museums Are Free

Often when I am traveling I have a list of things to do.  I have an idea where I am going to eat; the things that I am going to see; where I am going to go.  I know how much they cost and generally

Missing Church During Travel…Try A Gospel Brunch

Because I travel a lot on weekends I tend to miss a great deal of Church on Sundays.  Often I am in a different City or traveling on Sundays.  If I don’t do the research, a Church is not close or the service is not

Everything You Need To Know About Attending The HBCU Classic

Everything You Need To Know About Attending The HBCU Classic As Football season kicks off that has always meant something different in the HBCU Community!  This is the start of Band and Classic Season!  I am the proud father of an HBCU graduate who marched


WHAT IS MIAMI “CARNAVAL” WEEKEND? Miami is preparing for a Party that only they can throw!  Miami will host it Carnival October 8-10.  The event will be held at the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds.  Thousands of people will come to Miami over Columbus Day weekend.  The

3 Reasons To Go To The Las Vegas Black Film Festival

The 4th Annual Las Vegas Black Film Festival is coming up April 27-30 2017 and I am seriously thinking about going.  Why am I thinking of going?  Well one I have never been before and I would like to try something new.  It is an