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Let the good times roll!

The French Quarter Laissez le bon temps rouler! “Laissez le bon temps rouler” is something you might hear quite often in the Vieux Carre!  Every day and every night there is something going on in the area known as the French Quarter in New Orleans,

St. Louis – “The Dred Scott Case”

The History of St. Louis – “The Dred Scott Case”   St. Louis is my hometown.  Recently, we had a chance to visit.  St. Louis has so much history, so many attractions, and landmarks.  One of the famous attractions is the Old Courthouse in downtown

Cancun is not just for Spring Break!

Cancun is not just for Spring Break! Spring break has made Cancun popular in the United States, however, the Yucatan Peninsula has so much more to offer!  Cancún, Mexico is a city on the Yucatán Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea.  Like the United States, Mexico

Everything you need to know about Bahamas Junkanoo!

Everything you need to know about Bahamas Junkanoo! For well over 500 years Junkanoo has been an important tradition on the Islands of the Bahamas. The actual history of Junkanoo is in dispute.  What is not in dispute is the entertainment that Junkanoo provides.  Nor

One Great Weekend!

One Great Weekend! Early in the Summer, I was looking at my Nephew’s Football schedule at Princeton.  After all, this was going to be his senior year.  The last home game is Senior Day and it is usually against Harvard or Yale.  The game was

Our Day in Key West!

*This post was written right before Hurricane Irma hit Key West, Fort Myers and the rest of Florida! Key West Trip via the Key West Express Nikki and I have been to Key West about 8 or 9 times.  We have traveled there by multiple

Time for Rum!

Behind the Scenes at Bacardi Rum!

Behind the Scenes at Bacardi Rum! Bacardi may be the best-known/well-known brand of Rum in the world.  Many of us recognize the Bacardi logo.  Some may even know a few Bacardi recipes.  Recently, on a trip to San Juan, I took the Bacardi Rum Distillery

Black College Football

Top 10 Black College Football Classics for 2017!

Your Guide to Black College Football HBCU Football Classic season is just around the corner.  This will begin the great debate in the Black Community.  Who has the best band and the baddest Majorette Dancers!  Which Drum Major and Drumline has the best show?  

Cuban Nightlife

The Cuban Nightlife

The Cuban Nightlife is Legendary The Buena Vista Social Club is a name most of us have heard of.  All because the Cuban nightlife is legendary.   Buena Vista Social Club was made popular again by a 1999 movie bearing the same name.  The movie displayed

Upcoming Music Festivals

Upcoming Music Festivals The Essence Festival ended July 2nd, but that is not the end of  Festival season. There are more Music Festivals to come.   If you like music festivals, there are still some very good ones coming up.  If you like Jazz, then you