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One Great Weekend!

One Great Weekend! Early in the Summer, I was looking at my Nephew’s Football schedule at Princeton.  After all, this was going to be his senior year.  The last home game is Senior Day and it is usually against Harvard or Yale.  The game was

A date with Serena Williams

A Date with Serena Williams!

I am thinking about going to the U.S. Open Tennis tournament this year.  This started because I was watching Serena Williams play tennis and I decided  I want to go to the US Open.   A date with Serena Williams.   I’d like to see

5 Reasons to go on a Black Ski Trip

5 Reasons to go on a Black Ski Trip

One of the trendy things to do is go in a Black Ski Trip.  Ski Trips are something not a lot of Black people do.  Many are interested.  They see these trips on Facebook and social media.  You may even know someone who has gone.

Black Ski Trips - What you need to know...

Black Ski Trips – What you need to know…

Looking for something different to do in 2017?  What about a ski trip?  Black Ski Trips are usually not about the ski trip as much as they are about the Events and Parties.  Black Ski Trips offer a variety of entertainment and parties.  Some offer

2016 HBCU Football Classic Schedules

2016 HBCU Football Classic Date Home   Visitor   Location Status Event 9/1/16 Lincoln (PA)  vs. Cheyney  @ Lincoln University, PA  LU Football Stadium 7:00pm ET  Battle of the Firsts     9/3/16 Lane  vs. Texas College  @ Jackson, TN  2:00pm CT  CME Classic    Benedict