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Black Ski Trips - What you need to know...

Black Ski Trips – What you need to know…

Looking for something different to do in 2017?  What about a ski trip?  Black Ski Trips are usually not about the ski trip as much as they are about the Events and Parties.  Black Ski Trips offer a variety of entertainment and parties.  Some offer

Cuba Day 6 – 6/7

Cuba Day 6 began with us making breakfast with the Airbnb owner.  She had never had pancakes.  She had never seen margarine and syrup were foreign to her as well.  In Cuba, they use only real butter and she mistook the maple syrup for honey. 

Havana Cuba Day by Day - Day 5 Cuban Nightlife

Cuba Day 5 – Later that night…

Cuba Day 5, later that evening around 10 PM we got up and got dressed to go back out.  We had passed a Taco Restaurant and wanted to experience it.  Latin tacos are not like the fast food places in the US.  In Mexico, the

Havana Cuba Day by Day - Day 5

Cuba Day 5 – 5/7

Cuba Day 5, began with breakfast however we were unable to make breakfast at the Airbnb.  We had to make other arrangements because we could not get the stove to work.  So we had to go with Plan B.  Instead,  we showered and grabbed a

Cuban Man with Cigar

Cuba Day 4 – 4/7

Cuba Day 4 Cuba Day 4 began with breakfast in the apartment.  We had pancakes, bacon, and an omelet for the second day in a row, but that is what we like.  Then we packed to move to our 2nd Airbnb.  We extended our stay

Havana Cuba Day by Day - day 3 continues the Sites and Sounds of the Cuban nightlife

Cuba Day 3 – Continued into the Night

Day 3 continued Night of Day 3 Sights and Sounds of Cuba Stopped in to see a live band perform.  We watched the band but not for long.  We left because the restaurant did not have any more seafood.  No fish, shrimp or lobster; Only

Day 3 of Day by Day coverage of Havana Cuba

Cuba Day 3 – 3/7

Beach excursion Cuba Day 3 is an exciting day for us.  We have heard so much about how beautiful the Cuban beaches are.  Today is the day we get to find out and experience it for ourselves.  The day began with a 4:45 AM wake

Havana Cuba Series-Day 2

Cuba Day 2 – 2/7

Cuba Day 2 Cuba Day 2 we started the day with breakfast in the apartment.  This time Pancake, Bacon and an omelet (bacon, tomato, onion and green peppers).  We used the vegetables we purchased yesterday.  The omelet rounds out the breakfast and adds the vegetables

Day 1 Cuba – 1/7

Day 1 Cuba, we had breakfast at the apartment.  We brought food from the States to make our own breakfast.  I like breakfast.  I only eat hot breakfast.  It is important to me to have a good breakfast.  I don’t like spending a lot of

Varadero, Cuba beach

See Photos & Video of a Cuban Beach Day!

Day 3  in Cuba was an exciting day for us.  This was the day we chose to be our Beach Day.  We have heard so much about how beautiful the Cuban beaches are.  This was the day we got to find out for ourselves.  The