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Traveling during COVID19

Traveling during COVID19

I am traveling during COVID19. I have 3 trips for the Summer. The first is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Second, is Acapulco, Mexico. Followed by Cancun, Mexico over the 4th of July. I personally am not worried.

Road Trip…Whatever happened to it?

Whatever happened to the Old Fashioned Road Trip?  Today people act like they are not “traveling” unless they go to Dubai.  There is so much to see that you don’t have to leave the country. Hell, you don’t have to leave the state.  Road Trips

Blacks Who Travel

Travel Review 2018, The top places to go!

As I sit at Christmas time reflecting on 2018 a smile comes to my face.  THis is our Blacks Who Travel, Travel Review. We had a great year of travel. Nikki and I traveled internationally 7 times this year.  We went to 1 new place,

New Rules on Cuba are finally here!

New Rules on Cuba are finally here! June 16, 2017, President Trump announced a new Cuba Policies in a speech in Miami, FL.  At that time no rules or regulations were officially established therefore nothing changed.  Today, October 8, 2017, new rules are finally here! 

Traveling to Cuba without Government Permission!

Why it is not a good idea to travel to Cuba through another Country without Government Permission Cuba is the only country that Americans need government permission to visit.  You can travel to China, Russia, and North Korea.  The US Government does not restrict travel

Travel Safer: Protect Yourself from Theft While Traveling

I travel all over the Caribbean and the US and one of the questions I always get is, “Is it safe to go there?” or “I didn’t think it was safe to go there”.   I hear that a lot about Miami, Mexico and Jamaica to