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All White Weekend

All White Weekend Tampa

This passed weekend Tampa hosted an All White Weekend.  I love all white parties.  They had 4 events in 3 days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tampa was the perfect setting for this.  They had All White Masquerade Ball on a Yacht, All White Champagne Ball, All White International Party and All White Beach Party.  4 different events all with the same theme.  That was exciting!

Why I like All White Parties

First Black people look good in white.  It is undeniable.  The white color again our many different shades of black just pops.  Second Black people have so much style and swag.  Although everyone has on the same color, we all look different.  People add their own flavor to it.  Each person can express themselves.  Some use accessories and jewelry.  Others use hair.  One of my favorites are the shoes.  I saw ladies and some men in awesome shoe selections.

Kimbella Gamble of Florida

Kimbella from Perry, FL

My third reason may be simple but for me it is fun to shop for all white events.  Hunting for things that go together.  Finding an item that will set your outfit off.  I think it is fun to expressing yourself in the most basic of colors.  Deciding if you want to be casual or formal; dressy or sheik; modern or traditional.  These are all things to take into consideration.  All this plus in the back of your mind you don’t want someone else wearing what you have.  Finally, can anyone deny that the pictures of Black people in all white just look good?

Shopping for shoes at Ross!

Shopping for shoes at Ross!

What the Event Needed

It is not enough to sell tickets for an Event.  It is important to have a real plan once you get them there. We could have used some Customer Care this

All White Yacht Party

All White Yacht Party

weekend.  There were some communications breakdowns that could have been overcome with some type of Greeter or Ambassador.  Someone to help care for the guest.  It would have been nice to meet more of the people who attended the events but it was challenging and there were not any activates that compelled people to meet others.

The lack of seating contributed to that problem because once you had a seat you basically could not move or you would lose your seat.  Frankly there were too many seats reserved on the Yacht and the Champagne Ball.  To have all the tables and chairs reserved on the deck of the yacht was not a good touch and that was too bad.  At Sunday’s Beach Party at Whisky Joe’s there was not enough chairs especially with the other groups and independents who were there.

What was good

All White Party!

All White Party!

What was good was the ticket sales.  The Promoters did a great job getting the word out and getting the people to show up.  Not only did people show up they were on time!  The crowd was diverse and we met people from all over the State.  This was not a surprise they were working with a great concept, “All White Weekend”.  The venues were also terrific.  What is better than a yacht.  That is something you don’t do every day even if you love boats as much as I do!  The movie theater bar was a fabulous idea.  It had 2 levels plenty of space and a large bar with 3 sides in the middle.  That was brilliant!

The Jerk Hut is a good location that is use to hosting parties and featuring island bands.  The food is very good and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are on a Caribbean island.  Whisky Joe’s Beach provided an excellent backdrop for an All White Party.  The white sand of the beach and the boat, jet skis made for all the fun you needed.  The tent and chairs at the beach would have been perfect if the party had been private.  Unfortunately, by the time the party started 5 PM.  Other was groups and independence had been there for hours and there were few seats and little to no shade left.  

All White Beach Party!

All White Beach Party!

New Friends

During the weekend, we made some new Friends.  At the Yacht Party, we met a solo Traveler in a lady from Lakeland, FL while waiting in line outside.  We ended up spending the rest of the evening with her and having a great time.  Oh, we drank, we laughed, we took pictures and even did Facebook Live!

Patrice from Lakeland

Patrice from Lakeland, FL

The next night at the Champagne Ball we ran into people from Perry, FL.  One of the Ladies was celebrating her birthday.   She had her Crew had a very nice time.  They seem to know how to party I wish we had spent more time with them.  I have gotten to know them better after the event.  The Birthday Girl says, “me and my friends are fun, vibrant, and live anyway!! We love to clown and make fun!! We never needed a crowd to enjoy ourselves”.  These Ladies know how to have a good time.

Ladies from Perry, FL

Ladies from Perry, FL

All in all, the concept was very good.  The venues were terrific and with some improved organization the event can only get better.  This past weekend Tampa hosted an All White Weekend.  I met some very cool people and made some new Friends.    


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