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Monthly Archives: May 2017

5 Reasons Black People like White Parties!

5 Reasons Black People like White Parties! For awhile now White Parties have been popular within the Black Community.  If you look on the internet for events in just about every major city you can find a White Party.  The venues may vary, but the

Orlando Eye

Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, great for Date Night!

I decided to try out some of the new attractions in the Orlando area.  Everyone knows about Disney, Universal and SeaWorld.  New to Orlando is the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye. You have seen these start to pop up in many major cities.  They are large Ferris

All White Weekend

All White Weekend

All White Weekend Tampa This passed weekend Tampa hosted an All White Weekend.  I love all white parties.  They had 4 events in 3 days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tampa was the perfect setting for this.  They had All White Masquerade Ball on a Yacht,

Who Knew a Book Signing Would be a Life Changing Event?

A friend of mine recently wrote a book and I went to her book signing.  The book contains career advice and is about  how to master and manage your career.  The book puts forth advice from 11 Human Resource Insiders.  The Insiders disclose strategies and